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ANGELS ARE MATHEMATICAL 88x31 Get John OS 88x31 sewn 88x31 button with anime girl wearing beats headphones

cool things i like:

gnu 88x31 GPLv3 88x31 GrapheneOS 88x31 project gutenberg 88x31 Bill Clinton Impeach 88x31 LaTeX 88x31 libreboot 88x31 lisp 88x31 neovim 88x31 perl 88x31 PGP 88x31 soulseek 88x31 suckless 88x31 wiby.me 88x31
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Very cool tinkerer I grew up with that likes skiing, bookbinding, and hoarding ThinkPads. Go check out his car designs!

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Despite sucking up all my angel math SEO, this awesome neocities site run by my friend Sofia shows just how awesome old '90s sites really are.

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John Bilkey

Few sites can tout blackberry AND Internet Explorer compatibility. Even fewer have such an extensive library of original, scratch written videogames.

Harrison Logo


My roommate and best friend's future site.

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Suckless IRC friend that makes cool patches for dwl. No one will encourage you to abandon "bloat" quite like sewn.

sewn Logo


Awesome thinkpad hacker that gave us vis tables yet somehow pulls off being the only humble OpenBSD user. Check out Johannes's epic site.